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Spoken Tales

Spoken tales ٥ ١ ————————

Speak of spoken tales Tell me what they teach, Tell me of their teachers, Tell them they were wrong,

Once like spoken tales Before our selves were woke, Born of prior births, Born of prior thought,

Keep from spoken tales, Free the doubt they harbour, From now the cause is made, For blessings yet to come,

You speak these spoken tales, Understand they are not mine, Unknown to you is my value, Until I know of mine,

Stop these spoken tales, These tales you have not lived, Though you speak with wisdom, The self has not become,

Let not these spoken tales, Defer you from your purpose, Do not be fearful now, Do what you think will not,

Speak of spoken tales, Hear them, do not listen, Know they are your lesson, Enlighten with your mission.

Naguru Hill at sunset, Kampala, Uganda: Circa 2010

————— Collection: “ ٣ ٢ ”

By Tayebwa


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